06 November 2006

Squirl: A site for collectors

If you like organising your things, and maybe even cataloguing things....if you like Library Thing, and if you are a collector of things, then Squirl might be the place for you.

Just this weekend I have been musing over my vast CD music collection, and thinking that a Library Thing approach to my CDs and even my vintage collectibles wouldn't be such a bad idea!

So being alerted to Squirl seemed timely and 'kinda fun!' Now I just want to see how many of my Library Thing friends make the jump! You have the option of creating a public or private collection, and a number of templates are provided. Squirl also incorporates the option of organising your book collection too - good if you want to keep things that you organise within the same management space.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Judy. I am currently checking out the sites below so will make a decision after I try Squirl as well.

Delicious Library at http://www.delicious-monster.com/

Bookpedia, CDPedia and serveral other versions at the Bruji Store

A demo version of Bookpedia can be downloaded. This program is for Mac users.

Sharon Brennan