21 July 2007

Audio Books @ Delany

I have been buzzing all week after the great input Jan shared at the Literacy Conference at Delany. The information was both very practical and thought provoking.

Jan gave details as to how to set up the system in the Library as well as very sound reasons as to why we should be exploring such systems to improve student outcomes, especially in Literacy areas. The staff at my school have had me quoting Jan every day at every opportunity ALL WEEK! What a great session!

I have since thought about how to take advantage of the concept in a Primary School Library, considering limited budgets and resources. I was thinking of 'taking on' the challenge to conduct a Professional Action Research Project on this topic this term. I'd love to get some input from the collective wisdom of our group. Feel free to give any advice...and as much as possible...!! If there is anyone who would like to join me for a group effort that would be great too!

12 July 2007

Joining the blog

Hi, I am Suzanne Singleton-Brown . I work as a Teacher Librarian for three days at Wakehurst Public School and .3 days at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Primary school. In a week I connect with 500 students through the two schools. Originally I was a Science Teacher ,so changing to being a Teacher-Librarian was an exciting learning experience. My initial experiences were mainly in reorganising both libraries to make them more user friendly. One is housed in a huge space while the other is in a tiny classroom. Both spaces now provide areas for children as they move through their school life, having separate beginning, intermediate and senior reading and research sections. Resources are nearly all computerised and we have experienced three different computer systems Oasis, Alice and Athena. This term I am going onto Client in the State system so my transition from Science Teacher to Librarian has certainly offered me challenges.