21 October 2007

Travelling Librarian

Hyperactive Parramatta Diocese TL (and Bibliosphere News contributor) Jan Radford from Delany College, has not been content to develop a range of traditional and Web 2.0 services in her library. Now she has become the virtual librarian, for a few weeks anyway, as she visits the world, and a good few school libraries along the way.

You can follow Jan's progress via blog - Delany Library News - or listen to her voice messages on the Library Home Page. Make sure you check out Library Thing (I've linked to the cover view), Delicious, the Book Club Blog and other great things going on at Delany Library.

1 comment:

Delany Library said...

Thanks Marita! If this is 'hyperactive', then I want ten tonnes of it! It is hard to believe that this trip was 2 weeks from conception until leaving. Right now I am in Churchville, Pa, and visited the Council Rock School District on Friday. There is a blog posting in the making about this. What is wrong with Blogger? It isn't letting me post pics.
Jan, who has only 8/23rds of the trip left!