27 November 2007

Leading Learning Through the School Library

Ross Todd presented this full day seminar, Leading learning through the school library: Part 11: Transforming information into deep knowledge and did not disappoint. Syba Signs has done a great job of facilitating leading edge events over the last year. Long may they continue.

For the full story go to CISSL where you can link through to Guided Inquiry, and get details of Carol Kuhlthau's new book. But here are a few of the thoughts from the day that stayed with me. Apologies if I am miss quoting Ross here, but there are some lines that I know I can't have got wrong as he repeated them so often:

Have a vision for your library. What can you see? Practice stems from vision.

Position yourself in the knowledge commons.

Do not be accomplices to mediocrity.

Engage with disciplinary knowledge.

Do not water rocks.

At the end of the day Teacher Librarian Lee Fitzgerald of Loreto Kirribilli gave an excellent overview of Guided Inquiry as practiced in her school this year. Practice is the proof of the pudding and the place to really learn about this process for us all. For a taste of this see the article Guided Inquiry the KISS Way in aisNSW Teacher librarian Newsletter, Term 4, 2007

Finally, those promised pics.

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Mary Anne Cartwright said...

It was again wonderful to hear Ross and I went away with so much enthusiasm and new ideas I could barely wait to put them into action! Unfortunately when I returned to school it was to finish activities with the children and prepare for stocktake! So armed with Ross' book I look forward to using some of his strategies in teaching and learning activities for my children. Thank you so much Marita for a wonderful synopsis of an incredibly exciting and motivating day...it is only a shame that so few of us from Parramatta were able to attend!