12 September 2006

Just One More Book! podcasts

"The Just One More Book! podcast is a thrice-weekly audio-on-demand broadcast in which we discuss the children's books we love and why we love them.

Episodes range in length from 5 to 12 minutes and can beplayed directly from our web page or downloaded to an ipod for listening on the go. Each episode is an informal discussion of one of our family's favourite children's books. Occasionally, the episodes
feature interviews with authors, literacy related discussions or audio reviews submitted by our listeners.

Our audience is growing and the response from both listeners and authors has been

You can listen to the reviews by double clicking the play buttons (">" ) on the "Listen Now"


Thanks from Andrea

www.JustOneMoreBook.com A podcast about the children's books we love and why we love them

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us!!

I hope you enjoy listening and find some new read aloud favourites,