05 June 2006

Introduction to Blogging

Despite the dismal rainy day, a good group of people gathered in the CEO training room on Monday morning to take part in our first short workshop called "Introduction to Blogging". We were able to go through the basics of starting off and managing a Blog using Blogger.

This was just the beginning - but already some of the group have ideas of what they will be doing at school, or within the community group. I hope people keep me informed about.... how they go, what they suceed with, what sort of responses they get, what they change, and what they discover about teaching and learning in the process.

The short couse was just a taster. But for those who attended, and for those who are ready to get started alone, I have placed a good selection of resources to help you along the way. You will find them in a document folder called 'Blogging' in the Library Forum. Look for the link left of the front page.

Start with 'Introduction to Blogging', and 'Blogworksheetprint' followed by 'BloglinesWebFeed101' and/or 'Easy steps to creating a Blog'.

We used Blogger, which you will find at http://www.blogger.com. However, you might also like to explore Edublogs at http://www.edublogs.org. If you want to dip into Edublogs or Learnerblogs I have also put an 'Edublogs Wordpress' file there for you, which will explain how to use Edublogs.

Thanks to those who came..... your enthusiasm keeps me going! We may be able to run an additional course next term if needed - just let me know if you are interested.


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