07 June 2006

The Latest from "Bib Blog" - Weekly News

I have been experimenting in developing our Bib Blog as a communication tool for all. You will notice that Bib Blog now has several RSS feed buttons (for those who know how to use them) and also a Subscribe by Email box.

You may wish to subscribe to Bib Blog via email - and then any messages will appear in your email box when there is an addition to Bib Blog. As my own groupwise email is set to HTML (ask your LTST how to set this), the message I receive looks just like it does on the Blog.

At this point in time, however, it doesn't show the comments. I am going to experiment with the Comments settings, to see if we can have that also coming to you via email, for those who want to go with this option.

Subscribing by email is a neat trick for using Blogs as a communication tool. The email option is a great way to distribute information as well as keeping a running record of discussions.

If you decide to give email a go - let me know how it works. But for now, you will have to link back to read the actual Bib Blog to have access to comments and feedback.

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