10 September 2006

ISBN - You're not alone...

Just for something different, take a look at what the ISBN Tool can do. More than anything it shows you how databases are connected through Z39.50 and OpenURL - i.e. information can be gathered and shared.

The ISBN Links Generator will generate various links keyed by an ISBN. The list of links includes:
  • Google "Look Inside"
  • Amazon "Search Inside"
  • Amazon.co.uk sales page (with affiliate code)
  • Amazon Web Service Item Info
  • OU Library catalogue lookup
  • OCLC Audience Level
  • Alternative ISBNs (OCLC xISBN)
  • Alternative ISBNs (Library Thing thingISBN)
  • Compare xISBN and thingISBN
  • ISBN Book Info (isbn.org.uk)
  • ISBN Book Info (isbn.org.uk)(XML)
  • A (not quite working) web service
  • ISBNdb.com (full record)
  • ISBNdb.com (XML Info)
  • Open WorldCat Info
  • Open WorldCat Info (book details)
  • Open WorldCat Info (book editions)
  • O'Relly Safari
  • O'Relly Safari (OU proxied)

Give it a go. You might even find a 'novel' use for ISBN Tool?

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