29 January 2007

23 Things Aus-Style

Try to get in on this SirsiDynix Institute Webinar which is being presented by staff of Yarra Plenty Library in Victoria at the special time of 12.30pm Sydney time on Tuesday 6th February. As these online events usually happen at about 3 am our time, this is a great opportunity, although during lunch isn't the best time to get away from the library crowd in schools. If you can get relieved for an hour it does add up to very cheap PD. Otherwise wait for the podcast version which should come up over the following week.

Why would I bother? I hear you ask. Lynette, Denise and Christine put it best:

Yarra Plenty Regional Library in Melbourne Australia enthusiastically took up the fabulous PLCMC 23 Things program in October, and our staff has engaged with alacrity and creativity. We know that libraries have to change, and we are opening up possibilities for our staff and our users.

We will talk about why we decided to implement Learning 2.0, how our staff experienced it, and how this has equipped us to get bold in our thinking about social networking. We'll discuss the 4 themes for our Library worker 2.0 staff development program in 2007 - getting information, enabling learning, creating content and celebrating culture; and how we are encouraging an environment of lifelong learning within the organization. (SirsiDynix Institute)

This is an idea with lots of potential for all school staff and one whose time may just have come - and in time for FOL 5 program submissions?

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