25 January 2007

Share your files anywhere, anytime!

In November 2006 I wrote about Box.net - our Web 2.0 sanity box - providing free storage, and linking of resources for blogs, myspace etc. We have a link in the right-hand navitation bar to quickly create your own space.

Mashable writes that now they’ve created a new Box.net widget , which adds even more functionality.

The Flash-based widget allows you to share all kinds of files: anything on your computer, plus music, photos and videos. Many of these file types can be viewed in the widget itself: you can view a photo, for instance, or play an MP3.

You can also transfer files between widgets: visit the MySpace page of ex-Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh and you can copy his music to your own widget, or just download it. (ohh, copyright.....)

Click on the image below and take a closer look at the widget!

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