30 April 2007

Carnegie of Carnegies

It is the 70th anniversary of the Carnegie Medal and the 50th of the Kate Greenaway Medal and they are celebrating in style. Last year the public was asked to vote for their favourite winners of the past and a week or so ago the shortlists were published for a final vote coming up.

Meanwhile there is also a living archive of the winners. What a great way to remember Each Peach Pear Plum, Charles Keeping's The Highwayman or Gorilla. If you've been around long enough you are sure to find an old favourite or two in the top ten lists (mine is Alan Garner's The Owl Service).

And don't forget this year's shortlists for the Carnegie and Greenaway.

Now, this could be quite a good way into READiscovering for Book Week 2007. This year's Children's Book Council of Australia Awards Shortlist is also out, as is the more useful Notables. Perhaps we should be trawling through our own children's award favourites. I have strong memories of Ivan Southall's Ash Road which won the year I was in 6th Grade. Southall also won the Carnegie in 1971 with Josh.
The Carnegie/Greenaway site has some images to download (including a bookmark sheet on PDF) if you want to share the joy.

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