04 August 2006

Educaton au Seminar - changes in learning

Friday 4 August I am attending a seminar hosted by Educationau. I was spotted when I arrived looking for a powerpoint for my tablet PC, so that I could blog the event. I was provided with a 3M wireless card for computer, and away I went.

The whole seminar is interactive and being published in various ways on the web.

The ideas are not new. But for the group that we have here today it is a strong opportunity to share and discuss, and after listening to key speakers take time to reflect on the directions we are going with our Web 2.0 technologies.

Collect the podcasts here.

Go to Technoratic and search the tag "eduaueventaug06" to see what is written.

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Learning with the Fang
Al Upton and the miniLegends

RSS blog is available here.

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Mike Seyfang said...

Thanks for the summary - the posters from each table have now been uploaded, you can find them via the 'RSS Feed' of the eduauweb2 blog.

I would really value the thoughts of you and your subscribers on the content of the posters.

(I love the idea of 'chunking' presented in the 'lazy susan' poster)