29 August 2006

Internet and Information Skills

This year we have had two professional development days for Parramatta Diocese teachers and teacher librarians, presented by James Herring of Charles Sturt University on the topic Enabling Curriculum through Information Literacy and ICT.

Here is some information about James own book:
The Internet and Information Skills: A guide for teachers and school librarians

As a result of recent developments in teaching and learning, teachers and educators are being encouraged through their training to use ICT to develop more innovative teaching methods, and students are frequently required to use electronic information resources as part of their assignments.

Networked internet access is now the norm in both primary and secondary schools, and is available not only in the school library but in computer suites and classrooms. Increasingly both teachers and school librarians recognize that information literacy is a key skill needed by today's pupils, who are tomorrow's workers in the knowledge economy. Thus the need for students to become effective information users is paramount.

This new book provides teachers and school librarians with the ability to exploit the internet effectively both as a learning and a teaching resource; in particular to improve their skills in accessing the most relevant parts of the internet to improve their teaching and provide suitable information sources to aid students' learning. It offers valuable insights into information literacy skills and provides help with, and examples of, the most effective ways of teaching information skills to students.

Available at the CEO Library. Contact Erika or Lisa on 9840 5737 or 9840 5735 to borrow a copy.

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