12 February 2007

No-Tech, Recycled Bookmarks

Having carried around for the last few weeks (in the boot of my car) a large number of unwanted but beautiful magazines I was at the point of putting them in the recycling tonight when I had an idea. Tearing out a few of the more attractive pages I tri-folded them, sticking the open edge closed with a gluestick. The results, some pictured above, are pretty nice bookmarks. We go through hundreds each year and I haven't had a chance to print new ones since starting back at school, so these will go on the circ desk tomorrow. And I had fun making them!
UPDATE: Highlights of the week have included a boy taking some time choosing a bookmark which suited his book (Soldier Boy) and another dismissing them as there were no cricket ones. That night I took to our ABC Cricket guide and the Kingsgrove Sports catalogue to produce the required bookmarks, the best of which went the next day.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea Marita. The same could be done with book catalogue pages to promote titles we have, especially in primary schools with fiction series!