02 February 2007

Why would anyone want to blog?

Blogging has a lot going for it....but we don't often have time to stop and think about it, or have a presentation handy to show a group of people who just want to learn about the value of blogging.

This is the beauty of Slideshare..... a great online tool where you can create and save presentations, and then share them with others.

You could create things for your classes too! Or they could create things for you! What we want is to use Blogging effectively for learning and teaching is what it is really all about.

Catch this graphic on Using Blogs in Education.

Let me share a presentation with you titled
Weblogs.....why should I care? Click on the title to view via Slideshare, or just press play in the window below!

(For the bloggers amongst you, Slideshare allows you to use the URL to hyperlink, or embed the file directly into Blogger)

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