05 February 2007

Web 2.0 at Delany - progress report

My reaction to things Web 2.0 has always been to try and test. Which services have value to students? How can we test these services and explore them with our students? If we model them we have something to show community members. What limitations are there?

So the library website has blogs here and social bookmarking here. Our new Year 11s all created their delicious accounts at the end of last year and they are already using them in Physics. It is difficult to recognise usernames in Delicious, so we asked the students to preceded their usernames with DC. It was especially gratifying to work with a teacher on this and to hear such enthusiasm for social bookmarking. We use social networking sites for photos and books, and we have built a frappr map of where our webpage visitors come from (currently offline for admin reasons).
You may like to check the progress on our "What do I read now?" page and our LibraryThing collection : our username is DCLibrary. It grows. There are students maintaining this now. I think we will be getting a 'Test drive' link next, and we can get students to test services.It will be interesting to see where it goes. It seems to me that if we model student usage of these services, we give our students the gift that comes through networking. Powerful stuff!

All this requires a fearless acceptance of tagging for retrieval and sharing. Tagging has been in the news recently and this PEW Report looks at tagging from a library point of view. Personally most of us tagged when we added keywords in OASIS, and many bemoan the lack of flexibility currently.
I am a tagger. I have a basic structure, and after that - every tag is a personal and spontaneous response to an item. This structure works fine with small and personal collections, but how will tagging stand up when it is used by 600 people? We will find out!
But we havent got a wiki!
Who has built a wiki? Would you like to share your experiences of wiki-building with us all?

Back to testing!


M.Thomson said...

Jan you are doing very well with these initiatives! Our Readers Advisory wiki had a good start and a holiday lull but we'll build it further this year. It does get messy easily and probably a designer or design team would be a good way to. I added some info to the reading list area in the hols and found my table disappeared when imported. Should have started the table in the wiki.

liblogger said...

Hi Jan,
I've started a 'Boys Education' wiki for our staff group at HFS.
I'd be happy to share our experience
The address of the wiki is