17 May 2007

Caroline Chisholm College

I spent a wonderful day at Caroline Chisholm, to see what Michael Stevenson and other super teachers are doing with Web 2.0 and CeNet for learning, and to talk about how to continue to improve on and extend the blend of Web 2.0 and CeNet.

Overall some absolutely inspiring work by teachers, particularly the Year 7 Visual Literacy unit, Year 8 music, and Year 12 - all using technology tools, online learning, and heaps of creativity. But best of all was the depth of comments from students and their obvious engagement with learning.


M.Thomson said...

Judy it was exciting seeing this post last week on the very day I had just set up my CastNet page for the library. Seeing Michael in the pics made me wish I was there sharing. I am now wondering if we can share "properties" as we in Broken Bay can with Wollongong and Wagga (I think that is right, but I'm still getting my facts straight). Having had a good intro tutorial with two expert users here I am ready to call our learning technologies guy back for a session now that I know some of the things I don't know. Had a good conversation with TL Belinda from Tuggerah who helped me out with a few things, too. With intranet systems like this I think professional sharing is particularly important, although Web 2.0 applications add lots of depth - or is it width?

Judy O'Connell said...

I think it is width and depth - and more if we share with you. All we need now are some good pages and activities happening in our Diocese, and 'sharing we will go'. Professional sharing is the thing that will make coping in a rapidly expanding digital environment more satisfactory. Pretty soon I expect we can call you back to inservice us all on what you have learned. Certainly sharing your learning with us would be fabulous!