17 May 2007

Cool Co-ordinator's Conference Handout!

What is a Blog? What is Web 2.0?

The journey into Web 2.0 is just like this...one step at a time. This is the message that Jamie Wahab and I reiterated at our workshop on blogging and Web 2.0 at the Primary Coordinators Conference.

Hats off to Jamie for a fabulous presentation of work being undertaking at Good Shepherd, and his ongoing enthusiasm for Web 2.0. We put together a blog as a 'digital handout' for those who attended the workshop - but of course it is public, and anyone can access it. You might find the compilation of help to you.

I liked two things. First, we created a delicious account to support the digital handout. Then I created a VodPod to make it easy for people to get the videos related to the topic.

Visit the Parra Co-ordinators Conference Spot, and enjoy.

1 comment:

Alice Yucht said...

Your use of this blog as a virtual handout is wonderful! I'm making it required reading for my latest cadre of new/wannabe school librarians.
Thanks for putting it together.