16 June 2007

Designing the 21st Century Library

Flickr image: ‘deliciouslibrary OMG” by petit hiboux
You can often find great examples of libraries who have already redesigned and reformulated themselves for the digital world. However there is not always a lot written about the processes involved in undertaking this change.

An excellent Australian paper A Prototype 21st Century University Library: a case study of change at the University of New South Wales focuses on the organizational change involved in a library involved in constructing a new future for itself. It has added relevance for our libraries as it focuses on an academic library that needs to support teaching and learning activities much in the same way that we need to.

Building the Ubiquitous Library in the 21st Century from the World Library and Information congress in August 2006 provides a “road map" for information professionals to utilize emerging technologies to “design, develop, integrate, enhance and implement ubiquitous library services and projects in the 21st century”.

Lastly ‘Is todays library the new mall” discusses how emerging technologies and the change in how we think about learning is driving library design that engage library users in more experiential learning environments.

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M.Thomson said...

Great articles, Lisa. look forward to reading them properly. There is a blog worth looking at in this regard, Designing Better Libraries http://dbl.lishost.org/blog/, which has a good post on simplicity versus featurs in the digital library.