30 June 2007

VoiceThreads in the Classroom

I have just been exploring the possibilities of VoiceThread. This website allows you to upload photos and add an oral commentary to a photo. If you don’t wish to record audio you can add text instead. Clear video instructions are given to set up a microphone for both Mac and Windows XP. VoiceThread is free for educators and students.
What a great place to store book reviews for your school!


Judy O'Connell said...

Hi Sharon, this is a fantastic find - mainly because it offers any school an easy means of working interactively with audio and video. Not everyone wants to do complex podcasting things - and this looks perfect for good results with little effort. Thanks for highlighting this tool.

Frances said...

I forwarded the link for VoiceThread to a couple of my staff after reading your post. We LOVE it. Our teachers are going to use it for a variety of activities such as reflections on learning and giving different points of view using historical photos (rather than typed/written diary exerpts). The variety of uses are endless. Thanks for raising our awareness of such a useful resource