21 June 2007

New Contributor

My name is Sharon Brennan and I am the teacher librarian at St Augustine’s Primary School in Coffs Harbour, NSW. We have 620 students in 23 classes. Our school is part of the Diocese of Lismore. It is my pleasure to be a contributor to this blog. I began a library blog (Reading Rules) late last year and it is proving popular with our students. I am now encouraging other staff members to begin a blog with their class. I've just tried to link to my blog but have discovered that Safari does not support the formatting and hyperlink buttons on the posting screen. When the link becomes active, you'll know I have logged on using a supported browser.

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Judy O'Connell said...

WELCOME Sharon!! We will enjoy your contributions, and the opportunity to share with TLs in your part of the world.

By the way, we also discovered this problem with Safari! But in our Diocese our MACs are all automatically loaded with Firefox as well as part of their setup. My personal preference for blogging is to use Flock - which is built on Firefox and works beautifully on Macs and PCs.