24 July 2006

Famous Max!

Following on from the theme of creativity within our Library ranks.....don't forget to stay in touch with the Max the Monkey blog. You will find the link to MaxtheMonkey on the BibBlog blog list.

This blog was created after the first ever blog session run in the Diocese, and clearly fame has hit Max in the Blogoshere.

During the holidays Max's journey took him into the very arms of our Prime Minister ..... good work Max and Max's bloggers!(Come-on - tell us how this was orchestrated!)

Let me know if you are interested in having anything run at your school. I have been invited to Marion College to work with on an overview and introduction to Web 2.0. I hope this opportunity might help us all learn more about what we as TLs can do to promote new insights and new technologies at whole staff level.

I'm also looking forward to the LTST forum, and sharing our insights with the LTST team.

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M.Thomson said...

It is probably not a coincidence that Mr Howard featured in the same outfit in a photo with our principal and senior students in our school newsletter last week.

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