24 July 2006

Yahoo Homepage - now with less directory

Yahoo has dropped the concept of Website Directory as their main presentation platform to using social tools like Y! Answers and MyWeb, along with web services and its developer network, to make external content an important part of its service. As a regular user of Yahoo Groups (ASLANSW and IASL) I am interested to see these changes, as I just might be tempted to use Yahoo more broadly than before - particularly as I can customise, track my mail, messages, news feeds etc.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting point that the new Yahoo homepage links predominantly to Yahoo properties - rather than to external sources, as it did in the old days. The directory service is still there, but has been de-emphasized on the homepage


The directory was a section on the homepage (albeit near the bottom)...and

...it was also featured as a search option


The directory is still one of the options hanging off the search box - but isn't otherwise featured on the homepage

Perhaps it's just a sign of the times: directories of external websites are out, Yahoo media properties are in.

Via ReadWrite Web

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