28 July 2006

Global Summit 2006 - Technology Connected Futures - and Online event

Global Summit 2006 is being held in Sydney 17-19 October.
Hosted by education.au limited, debate and discussion will be centred around the themes of:
  • Elearning in education and training
  • Careers in a connected environment
  • Designing educational web services
  • Understanding transformation in education
  • Emerging trends in a connected world.
There are many speakers of note, but I am particularly interested in Leigh Blackall, Educational Development, Otago Polytechnic, NZ.

Leigh Blackall's core interest is in education and networked learning. He works in Education Development for the Otago Polytechnic and gives presentations and workshops on networked learning to many educational organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Leigh maintains the Teach and Learn Online Web Log and facilitates the Teach and Learn Online eGroup. He also designs and develops educational resources.

Global Summit Online will take place before, during and after the Global Summit. This online event will begin on 31 July, and is for anyone interested in contributing to ideas about technology connected futures and the future of education and training.

Global Summit 2006 Online will be open to everyone for 5 weeks. From 4 September 2006 only registered Delegates and Thought Leaders will be able to access the online event.

There are discussions and debates within the forums, blogs and papers focussing on the Global Summit 2006 Themes and the paper by James Bosco - 'Tools, Culture and Education: Past - Present - Future'. This paper is aimed to stimulate discussion about the transformation of education and focus on the key issues.

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