26 July 2006

Which Book?

Because literacy promotion is such an important function of good library services it is always great to learn about new resources, or rediscover old resources, to help our promotion strategies. I would like to share some recent 'discoveries' demonstrated at the School Library Conference in the UK.

www.whichbook.net is a fantastic new resource for readers. Instead of starting with book titles or authors, readers start with themselves. 'I want a book that is unpredictable, very romantic and a bit sad' or 'I'd like a challenging book, with lots of sex that's also funny.' whichbook enables 20 million different combinations of factors and then suggests titles which most closely match the reader's needs.

www.4ureaders.net was developed for readers aged 11-16. The site divides into three separate sections to appeal to different audiences within the age group. School and Children's librarians worked with young readers to help plan the content of the site. The site has a fresh new look, new graphics, new colour schemes, more pages... and more to come!

You will find many other sites of interest if you explore Opening the Book: Sites to Visit.

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Caryn said...

I've been enjoying whichbook for several weeks now, since another blogger pointed it out to me, but www.4ureaders.net is new, and I will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!