14 May 2006

ALIA Children’s and Youth Services Group

Marita Thomson writes...

Following a general invitation on the aliaCYSS e-list last week, I attended the latest meeting of ALIA Children’s and Youth Services Group this week. Since it was being held just up the street at the new Blacktown Library, and as I had been meaning to make contact with the Youth Services Librarian for some time, I thought it was an opportunity not to be missed. As circumstance would have it, the local YSL wasn’t able to be present, but the rest of this active bunch ran a well-planned, informative and fast paced meeting, convened by Margaret Redrup-May, which covered many topics of interest to teacher librarians.

If you are seeking ideas for Book Week presentations then you may want to go along to the annual Pre Book Week Extravaganza. I attended this event years ago when working in public libraries and would recommend it as a lively and stimulating evening, suited especially to primary TLs but also those ambitious high school people who go all out for Book Week (Sharon, you know I mean you).

National Simultaneous Storytime is on again in September and the book this year is Good Night, Me by Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay. This event is planned to coincide with National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Whilst the story chosen is aimed at young children, there is also some scope for organising events that involve older students working with primary schools or preschools.

An interesting issue that CYS has been grappling with over some months is fair dealing over the lending of computer games. ALIA executive have been researching this and liaising with the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia to work towards guidelines or an agreement which should be finalised later this year. Although I had thought this not a matter of relevance to me I then recalled that we had recently been given multiple copies of a game used by our Business Studies classes. I shall now be contacting the publishers for permission to loan these copies.

Whilst ASLA covers the interests of teacher librarians very well, keeping up with what is going on in other libraries which serve children and young adults is a good start to developing partnerships in our local communities. Must make that appointment with the local Youth Services Librarian this week!

Marita Thomson


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marita. I knew you meant me. Have signed up to go along. Also got some good ideas from the Children's Book Week Handbook produced by the CBCA (WA branch).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, would you like to post some of these for us all to share?
I understand there is a list of ideas on EdNa too. I have come up with 'Book (a ticket) now' but not much more.

Jan@ Delany

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marita for keeping us up to speed on YA matters. Look forward to seeing how your book blog works too. Regards - Brian @ Loyola