26 May 2006

Enabling Curriculum - in the afternoon!

During the afternoon James Herring continued to explore a comprehensive range of options related to searching and ways that these tools can be used in the curriculum. It is our role to support teachers and students to improve access to information and ideas for learning.

However, in passing, James also mentioned Flickr as one of the alternative tools to Google's image storage space called Picasa - a place to store images, share images and promote what you are doing.

We mentioned Flickr at the Network Meeting, but if you missed out - read on. I promised to add a bit more information for those at the PD session - so here it is.

Flickr can do a lot for libraries!!! offering easy storage for any size library on any budget, and creating a more dynamic atmosphere for tagging (keeping track of what your pic are about), comments and more. It is also a great professional resource for saving the images that you use in PD sessions, or on particular topics in the curriculum. Better still - never mind where you are you will be able to access your Flickr resources, and embed them into anything you are doing. All this goes doubly for our students, who are very visual and love to take pictures, and share them with their friends.

Here are some ideas from the Weblog by Michael Stephens from his Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology. Some good ideas to adapt.

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