21 May 2006

MySpace and School Libraries

For those of you who attended the School Library Network Meeting on Tuesday 17, you will have heard Jan talk about the fact that we need to question what MySpace means and/or might offer in our understanding of our 'digital' students.

Well, new thoughts or old - definitely something to think about! An important read for all of us is found in another of the series of papers from Stephen's Lighthouse, this one being "What can MySpace teach us in school libraries". Read it here.


Anonymous said...

I am currently more concerned about Bebo at www.bebo.com.
This is another social interface that is so easy to use. It is overtly a meetingplace for dating and seems to have a strong UK presence. I cant see too many warnings. However, when I joined it I could see more than 30 of our students there - some juniors.

Once we get over our initial reaction (what ever than may be), we need to consider what action needs to be taken at school level.

Jan@ Delany

Anonymous said...

I visited MySpace again. I am actually quite impressed with their search facility. The sites retrieved have an educational slant. A Webquest may be top of the list. I saved my three searches! Smiles.. it maybe better than sliced bread, but then again, what is the price to access it? Try it and test it.