03 May 2006

National Bibliographic Database: Free in 2006

Earlier this year the National Library of Austalia announced that it was now providing free access to the National Bibliographic Database Libraries Australia, . This service provides access to the complete database of over 14 million records for both Australian and international resources. Users also have the option to buy material using links through online bookshops.

Using the navigation links schools can have quick access to authoritative sources of information.

You can still search PictureAustralia independently, but it is now also fully integrated into the comprehensive new search facility of Libraries Australia.

However, not to be outdone, PictureAustralia has also announced an exciting initiative to increase the number of contemporary images in PictureAustralia, by including images from www.flickr.com

FlickR, managed by Yahoo!, is a global online repository where photographic images can be uploaded, stored and shared. Now you can contribute your images to PictureAustralia by loading them into our two groups available on FlickR, PictureAustralia: Australia Day and PictureAustralia: People, places and events.

The PictureAustralia: Australia Day group is a collection of images relating to this day of national significance. The PictureAustralia: People, places and events group is a collection of images depicting the people, places, and events, which make Australia unique.Why not search PictureAustralia for a streetscape or town as it looked in the early part of the 20th Century and then capture it as it looks today.

Each week they collect the metadata (descriptive information) and the thumbnail images from the groups and load them into PictureAustralia, enhancing its value to researchers and the general public. The first load will occured the week following Australia Day 2006.

Why not start 'snapping’ and photograph Australia as you see it, then upload your images into Flickr and share them with the world through PictureAustralia

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