30 May 2006

CPTLA - great news for Parra!!!!

A report from Carmen Hartz, from OLOR, shows the ongoing commitement and inspiration which is the hallmark of so many of the TLs in the Parra Diocese.

Best of all - Carmen has ensured that the Parramatta TLs will again have a voice in future professional activities.

Thanks Carmen for 'putting up your hand'!!!

On Friday 19th May 5 primary teacher librarians attended the 21st annual CPTLA (Catholic Primary Teacher Librarian’s Association) conference at the Mercure Hotel on Broadway.

The conference is an opportunity for catholic primary teacher librarians in the state of NSW to network and learn about innovative practices in school libraries.

The keynote speaker for the day was author Lisa Forrest who shared stories about her best and worst experiences as an Olympian in the late 1970’s.

A choice of workshops throughout the day then allowed individuals to pursue topics of interest while an all day trade fair allowed all present to view and be inspired by new resources.

Some of the workshops to choose from were:

  • The Learning Federations Learning Objects with a primary focus
  • Book week books summarised and activities suggested
  • Ipod Shuffles with an overview of how to set up providing Audio books on Ipod shuffles in the library
  • Weblinks
  • Copyright
  • Storytelling in RE

Unfortunately there were only 5 primary teacher librarians from Parramatta in attendance, this is probably due to the fact that we have no representation on the CPTLA committee.

SO in a moment of weakness I volunteered as the Parramatta delegate! Be prepared to hear more from me about the CPTLA over the next 12 months.

The major work of the CPTLA is the annual conference. In preparation 2007 will be a 2 day conference, in or around May, at a lovely venue somewhere in the state of NSW.


Kerry Gestier said...

Great to hear that CPTLA is considering 2 days next year. They always organise practical and informative pd for primary t/ls. Thanks to Carmen for being prepared to get involved!

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