10 May 2006

Children's Book Council Conference

Mary Anne Cartwright received professional development support from the CEO to attend the recent CBC Conference. I though I should share her enthusiam with you all...

"I had a wonderful time at the 3 day CBC conference. Listening to a wide panel of children's authors and illustrators who provided informative and interesting talks on their books and the state of children's literature in Australia and globally was just fantastic. My favourite speaker was definitely Kosei Ono who spoke about Manga and Anime both in Japan and Europe. I also heard Emily Rodda, Terry Denton, Andy Griffiths, David Lloyd, Emma Quay, Lisa Shanahan, Doug McLeod, Helen Oxenbury, Pamela Freeman, Robin Morrow( ex Children's bookshop Beecroft) Shaun Tan, Bob Randall, Anita Heiss,Libby Hathorn, Libby Gleeson,Jeanette Rowe, Andrew Daddo, Chris Cheng, Lene Kaaberbol speak and met loads more including Lynley Dodd and Robert Inkpen.

The Trade Fair was brilliant with a wide variety of displays available and I have never been to so many book launches in 3 days...of course you know what that means, lots of champagne. My favourite part however was the Illustrator's Studio where illustrators, on a rotating roster, drew for the audience some of their favourite characters from their books.

James Valentine hosted his Afternoon Show on 702 ABC Radio from the Exhibition Centre where the Conference was being held and would you believe he was looking for an embittered librarian but instead he interviewed me live!! You can see a picture of my hair if you go to his show for the day on

I just wished every teacher librarian in our Diocese could have attended the Conference as it was an enriching and invigorating experience to meet so many people who loved children's books."


M.Thomson said...

I was lucky enough to be at this conference too for Friday and Saturday and saw Mary Anne, along with Sandra Spoljaric, Susan Hill and Elizabeth Ashworth at various times. Loved Emily Rodda's talk about translating her books to film and TV (mostly unsuccessfully) and the exciting news that Deltora is being made into an animated series in Japan. Couldn't identify your hair, Mary Anne, but here is the link to James Valentines story: http://www.abc.net.au/sydney/stories/s1631926.htm - Marita

Linda J said...

It was a great conference!

I too felt that James was expecting a lot more negative comments - maybe he had read comments in 'Junior' about the demise of TLs in school where they are not fully valued?

So inspiring to hear from so many different authors and illustrators etc. Makes you wnat to write a book (for the love of it, of course).